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Yarker's Quinn's Meats looking to expand production

Yarker's Quinn's Meats looking to expand production

September 24, 2021
Author: Adam Prudhomme, Editor, Napanee Beaver

Quinn's Meats owners Darold and Kara Enright are planning to increase meat-processing capability at their Yarker abattoir.
That would be a huge benefit to local farmers, as Quinn's remains one of the few abattoirs left in eastern Ontario. When the Enright, owners of the Tweed-based Enright Cattle Company, bought the company in February, local farmers feared that they would used it to process their own animals exclusively.
"We have never actually stopped taking outside clients," said Kara. "When we purchased the abattoir there was other local farmers, callable, pigs and lambs and everything booked every single week all throughout the entire year. We've continued to honour that booking every week. We plan to add to the number of animals that we're able to process and the amount of meat that we're able to cut and package but when we've found is our biggest challenge is we don't have access to skilled labour."

That lack of skilled labour remains their biggest obstacle to growing their operation.

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