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Submit pork cutting instructions

Custom (farmers processing their own animal)Quinn's Sold Side (customers buying a side of beef from Quinn's cut to your specifications)

Once Quinn's has received this form they will contact you to confirm if this date is available.

Quantity of Pork

If there are different cutting instructions for different animals, these will need to be filled out on a separate form.

Whole (If you would like your pork cut as one whole animal, ie both sides cut the same and not kept separate) 1/2 (If you want each side cut different or kept separate. We will need to know what name you would like on each half)

Since the instructions are different for each half, you will need to fill out an additional form for the second half, once you have submitted this form.


Bone-in provides the meat with better flavour and texture. The bone is great for making soups and stews. Boneless is easier to carve.Fresh ham takes longer to cook, and will taste like any other pork roast. Smoking ham gives it the signature taste most people think of.


Pork chops are lean with a light flavour. Can be cooked on the BBQ or baked in the oven.


Pork butt has fat marbling throughout and is great for stewing, braising, and pulled pork.


The picnic shoulder is best cooked slow. It can be used as stew meat or cooked whole and sliced like ham.



Pork hock is a tough because it's full of connective tissue, ligaments and muscle fibres. When cooked slowly at low heat it can be tender and very flavourful in stews and soups.


Jowels can be used as a seasoning for beans, black-eyed peas or cooked with leafy green vegetables. It can also be chopped and used like to bacon bits, or eaten in sandwiches.

Ground Pork

Your ground pork can be packaged just as such or we can make it into pork sausages ($2.25 per lbs additional fee) Please choose one or the other.



Note: Vac Packs are $0.80 each

Note: labels are $0.30 each, if you do not choose labels your package will be stamped with the name of the cut.