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New owners look to continue Quinn's Meats legacy

New owners look to continue Quinn's Meats legacy

Author: Adam Prudhomme, Editor, Napanee Beaver

Brian Quinn's Meats Ltd., a staple of the Yarker agricultural business community, assumed new ownership on Monday.

The family owned business that was established in 1976 was officially transferred to Darold and Kara Enright of Enright Cattle Company. The meat retail and processing store will continue to operate in the same capacity and will still bear the Quinn's Meats name.

The Enrights, who boast four generations worth of farming in their family, are based in Tweed.

"We understand firsthand how important it is to local farmers to have access to quality processing and being able to have their livestock locally processed so that they can provide for their community while continuing to make a living for themselves," said Kara. "It's something that we're very passionate about, just being able to continue to provide those services to the agricultural community as well as knowing that we will have our services available for our farm as well."

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